Phenomenal Agent
Think Real Estate. Think Big. Think Success and Be Phenomenal! The Easy Guide on How to be a Successful Agent

This website grew out of a small idea I had to provide new agents with a platform to launch their new careers. 

As I started working on the concept I realised that it could crossover to established agents as well as the content covers things which everyone can use to improve themselves and ultimately lead them to greater successes.

I decided to write this book as over the years I have spent countless hours on the internet searching for relevant information on what it takes to being a successful real estate agent.  I have also wasted money on buying books and programs which never gave me what I was ultimately searching for. 

Having now worked in the industry for nearly six years with one of the most inspiring top agents in Australia I have ultimately learnt so much during that time.  I credit a lot of what to do and in some cases what not to do to the agents I am surrounded by and I realised that the knowledge I now have within me is exactly what I was looking for initially!

What is covered is:

  • Prospecting Successfully
  • Success Systems
  • Ideal Days
  • How to Stay Motivated
  • Creating Raving Fans & Building a Referral Business
  • Buyer Signals
  • Working with Sellers
  • Time Management
  • Listing Presentations
  • Handling Objections
  • The Art of Negotiating
  • 60 Day Action Plan for New Agents
  • 30 Day Boot Camp for Experienced Agents